WoodRiver 8 inch Slow Speed Grinder Review

The WoodRiver 8 inch Slow Speed Grinder is just the right sharpener for tools without generating a great deal of heat. This saves undue wear and tear on the blades as excessive heat tends to weaken the blade along the edge. The bench grinder is a great addition to any wood working shop or work shop for the do it yourself worker. It is also a beneficial tool for professional use and can be found at a lot of job sites to keep their tools sharp and ready to go.

WoodRiver 8in Slow Speed Grinder

WoodRiver 8 inch Slow Speed Grinder

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It is made from durable materials that will take the punishment constant use will deliver. The Grinder is built for precision, as well as being energy efficient.


It features a tool rest and ship/spark deflector shields. It runs cool at just 1725 RPM. With a ½ horsepower motor, it is quieter than most other sharpeners. The grinding wheels utilize white aluminum oxide, a durable material that cuts faster and does not clog with dust and grit.

The grinding wheels are 1”x8” and use 60 and 120 grit stone. The bench grinder is compact and light weight, making it easy to move from place to place. Weighing in at 43 pounds, it is heavier enough to keep its ground, but light enough to be portable.


The relatively slow speed of the sharpener is a definite advantage when sharpening light and small blades. The heat will not warp the blades nor damage the edge of the blades. The slow speed does not grind away a large portion of the blade edge.

The sharpener will sharpen almost any size blade or chisel, making the tool a favorite of wood carvers. With two wheels, sharpening tools is a quick and efficient process, and allows the user to get back to work quickly.

One of the best advantages is the sharpener is heavy enough to not require a fixed sharpener station. This really makes the tool portable and able to be used anywhere, as long as it has a stable base.


The one complaint is the Grinder has more vibration than others in its class, but it is still a favorite of anyone looking for a moderately priced sharpener and grinding wheel. Other people who used it found it hopped all over the bench, requiring some tinkering with the wheels, motor end bellows and stampings.


This grinder is a winner all around with the people who have purchased and used the sharpener. Despite what some see as design flaws, with the vibration and hopping, it is still considered a very decent sharpener that packs a lot of punch for a small amount of money. The sharpener is usable right out of the box and has a very short learning curve, meaning users can be productive with very little practice and trial and error.




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